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AVANTech is a rapidly growing U.S. based technology company with extensive experience in the design, fabrication, and operation of commercial nuclear systems such as: makeup water, liquid radwaste treatment, spent resin dewatering, waste containers, high integrity containers (HICs), remote container grapples and capping equipment, NRC-approved solidification/encapsulation, and design, fabrication, and leasing of all varieties of shields and shielded transport casks.

Compliance / Quality / Safety - All activities are implemented in accordance with the company’s ASME NQA‑1, 10CFR50 Appendix B, DOE Order 414, 10CFR830.120, Quality Assurance Program, as applicable.

Project Controls / Cost Savings - AVANTech is proud to complete all design and fabrication in house, giving AVANTech a competitive edge by eliminating the need for subcontractors, thus enabling better control of schedule, quality, and cost. Being able to perform all work “under one roof” is especially important for dispositioning last-minute design changes that inevitably take place on innovative and first-of-kind process solutions.

Products and solutions

Liquid Radwaste Water Processing

Waste Handling, Packaging, and Stabilization

AVANTech provides a variety of waste packaging solutions and services, including process shields, shipping casks, steel containers, Radsafe™ High Integrity Containers (HICs), Grout and Polymer Stabilization Systems.

– Remote Engaging/Disengaging (REDE) Fill-Head Systems

– Remote Disengaging (RDE) Fill-Head Systems

– Conventional Manual Fill-Head Systems

Field Services

AVANTech has gained its reputation by creating comprehensive, integrated solutions for improving operations. A vital part of our success is offering complete training and support after start-up and other field services. It’s how we’ve built successful vendor-client partnerships project after project.

Tank Desludging
Floor Drain Cleaning

– LRW Processing Systems – Many with 24-hour all-out service

– Waste Handling and Packaging Systems – Many with 24-hour call-out service!

– Ion Exchange Medias for Primary and Secondary Use – Many ship same day

Make-Up Water Treatment Systems

AVANTech designs, manufactures, and operates custom Make-up Water Treatment Systems on a per gallon, lease or system sale basis.

Ion Exchange Resins and Media for Nuclear Power

AVANTech offers our own line of carbon, ion exchange resins, and inorganic media for treatment of Liquid Radwaste. For High Purity applications, we have partnered with the world’s leading ion exchange manufacturers to provide off-the-shelf and custom nuclear-grade solutions for primary and secondary applications in BWR and PWR Systems.

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