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AVANTech Advantage

AVANTech is a world leader in custom-designed treatment solutions for some of the most difficult problems our industrial clients are facing today. We provide turnkey treatment and recycling of wastewater and waste processing systems engineered to your exact influent and effluent requirements. The long history of successful solutions-oriented project execution has shown AVANTech is uniquely capable of delivering innovative results for our clients.

Products and solutions

Wastewater Recycling and Treatment

AVANTech provides custom-engineered systems to recycle or treat wastewater from industrial clients. Each system is specially designed to optimize the treatment or recycle potential.

– Food/Beverage

– Automotive

– Chemicals

Make-Up Water Treatment Systems

AVANTech designs, manufactures, and operates custom Make-up Water Treatment Systems on a per gallon, lease or system sale basis.

Food Processing/Agriculture - Fresh Cut

AVANTech’s REFRESH™ recycles process wastewater from FreshCut vegetable manufacturing facility in a cold water and fully sanitary system. The recycling system allows for sustainable recovery of water, while reducing energy and chemical costs.

Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) Treatment

AVANTech has special processes and systems for removing trace levels of hazardous and radioactive contaminants from water, groundwater, and wastewater, and then properly treating and disposing of any secondary waste. Proprietary products and systems are continually being developed for PFAS and other emerging contaminants of concern.

Ion Exchange Resin and Media

AVANTech offers our own line of carbon, ion exchange resins, and inorganic media to meet the needs of the industrial water industry. For more challenging applications, we have partnered with the world’s leading manufacturers to ensure our customers have access to a complete portfolio of cost-effective solutions.

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